On the Goodness of Things

Life is just really, really good right now. I feel like I’ve entered into a renaissance of my twenties. The variety of people, the intensity of the lessons, the volume of experiences… Any given week can bring with it a new adventure or acquaintance.

I’ve said before that when I write about how good things are, it feels like I’m bragging. But I’ve worked hard and lived through some acute pain to get here. Any why is it that we don’t hesitate to complain when things are down, but when life shows us some hidden beauty or exhibits new joy, we hold it in?

The school of yoga that I’m studying teaches that “the world is not something to escape from or overcome, but rather, even the mundane or seemingly negative events in day-to-day life are actually beautiful and auspicious.”  Even in the darkest of places, there are still particles of light. Everything is a unique expression of the divine.

Look, I’m still trying to figure out how all of that works in the face of everyday and global horrors. But something about the philosophy really resonates with me, and I really like that it doesn’t involve having to escape the world or this existence to experience true joy.

I think gratitude has a lot to do with it, as well. Maybe my lists have proven more auspicious than I’d realised.

This weekend I’m biking to the markets to meet up with the gang, then heading to the Gold Coast for a wedding gig with a dear friend and some talented musicians. Maybe a jazz gig tonight. Definitely wine. Tomorrow will bring yoga, a swim in a reservoir, and hopefully some catchups with family in the US.

Life can actually be pretty damn great.

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