On Gratitude


About a year ago I started keeping a gratitude journal of sorts. Almost every day I email myself three things that I’m grateful for on that particular day. They don’t have to be profound, they don’t have to be earth-shattering or deep or really poignant.

Just three things. It could be the weather, a conversation I had with a friend the night before, or that I woke up feeling especially good that day. It could be that I packed an especially tasty lunch for work.

They vary wildly, my reasons for thankfulness.

Another thing I started doing was reading a writer who advocated the rephrasing of the way we describe our lives, our routines, our activities.

This writer’s simple suggestion was that we take a closer look at the way we express our daily movements. Instead of having to go to work, we get to go to work.

I don’t have to go to rehearsal, I get to go to rehearsal. I don’t have to teach, I get to teach. I don’t have to go for a run, I damn well get to. I am privileged, blessed, enabled to do the things I do. The daily grind becomes the daily win. I get to do what I do.

Have becomes get. Passive participant becomes main role. Sideline puppet becomes mover and shaker.

When we change the narrative from a place of reactivity and enforcement to a place of gratitude and acknowledgement, everything shifts. I am no longer a piece of the puzzle, I am a heroine in a starring role

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again and I’ll keep saying it to almost anyone who will listen. We, you, I are blessed beyond measure to live the lives that we do. I don’t know your situation and most of you don’t fully know mine, but I daresay it’s true for most of us. That doesn’t mean shit happens, because it really does. My god, does it happen.

Shit happens, life happens, but that doesn’t change the beautiful facets of this existence and the hard fact that most of us have things, experiences, opportunities beyond belief to be grateful for.

This gratitude, this simple exercise, this quiet rephrasing of my daily life has turned drudgery into privilege.

Three things, just three things. And it’s cyclical, this gratitude. The more I’m grateful, the more I notice that I have to be grateful for. Changing my narrative has changed my outlook, my attitude, my world. What a beautiful, perfect cycle.

What are you grateful for today?


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  1. “We, you, I are blessed beyond measure to live the lives that we do. I don’t know your situation and most of you don’t fully know mine, but I daresay it’s true for most of us. ” Agree with this, very much. Most of us do have the simple things we need 🙂

  2. You have learned a valuable tool to get you through like. Thank you for the reminder that I get to do the thinks I choose for me. I am more particular what I choose to do as I enter my 60th year. Today I get to welcome home my Sam for a visit in the US. I am grateful to know you Eva!

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