On Rest


Feeling so, so weary lately.

At some point the tank has to run out of gas, I suppose.

Triumphantly finished my first-ever half marathon last week. A huge, emphatic check off the life list of general things to do and prove to myself I’m capable of. Slow and steady was my pace, but the last quarter of the race was my fastest. A strong finish to a meaningful personal goal.

There’s been a distinct slump ever since, though. A noticeable downturn in my normal energy which renders me feeling more grateful than before for the buzz I didn’t realise I normally have.

There’s also been nonstop work, an undue amount of stress, and the usual mix of gigs, teaching and life admin.

I’m ready for a break. A small one, but a break. Ready for a holiday, to see some of Asia and experience Vietnam, but really just ready to sleep and read and lounge on beaches and eat an ungodly amount of Vietnamese food.

These last several weeks have been full of personal triumph and pushing and growth and fruition, but all of that heady adrenaline has to wear off at some point.

Everyone has their point, and I think I’m reaching mine.
I have to remind myself sometimes that requiring rest isn’t a weakness, it’s human.

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