To Do

Become scuba certified (Sep 2011)

Become a dive master

Dive the Great Barrier Reef (Feb 2013)

Attend the New Orleans Jazz Festival

Climb Australia’s tallest mountain (Dec 2013)

Get a dog (August 2018)

Get a master’s

Obtain a yoga teacher certification (2016)

Fluently learn another language

Learn to drive a manual (Feb 2014)

Start a business

Dive with whale sharks

Dive with manta rays (Stradbroke Island, 2015)

See Beyonce, live (Nov 2013)

Complete an Olympic-distance triathlon (May 2015)

Complete a Half Ironman

Actually do a half marathon already (September 2015)

Witness the annual great sea turtle birthing in Bundaberg, Queensland (February 2016)

Skydive again

Do a solo bungee jump (??? hesitant to commit to this one…)

Visit Ayers Rock, Uluru

1. Learn to snowboard, 2. Snowboard in Queenstown, New Zealand

Learn to surf without immediately falling off the board

Backpack through southeast Asia

Brew my own beer

Learn how to improv

Have a motorcycle expedition through South America

Blog- consistently

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