To Vietnam!

Headed to Vietnam to eat, drink, sleep and rest.

This trip comes on the heels of a particularly manic few months which have come during a uniquely challenging and growth-filled year.

The last month alone brought a half marathon, major new initiatives at work, and most recently, a mini-tour and about ten gigs in as many days. I am beyond ready for a vacation. 

I’m ready to take several steps back from everything, to take off some layers of reactivity and shed some stress. 

Ready for beaches, temples, massages and to discover some new wonders in Asia. 

This trip has been over six months in the making but I think it’s happening exactly when I need it to.

Let’s go, Vietnam. I’m excited to get some new ground under my feet but honestly, if that happens while walking from market stalls and temples to beaches and rooftop bars, that will suit me just fine.

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  1. Vietnam, one for my bucket list! Just beautiful.

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