I’m Back!

I’m back, ya’ll! 2014 was a shit year, frankly. Lots of adventures and a few highs, namely my new job and my mom’s 7-week visit to Australia, but on the whole it’s a year I’m very, very glad to put behind me. Here are a few things I’m doing in 2015:

1. Being more conscious and intentional with my time. This means I’m going to start being pickier about what I take on, be it social events or crappy gigs, and aiming to plan a little down time into my manic schedule. It also means little things like:
– Unsubscribing from email lists
– Not checking social media every few hours (eep!)
– Not checking my email compulsively, and waiting until I’ve done a few more urgent tasks before checking it in the morning. More on that here.
– Using apps like Pocket to save things I come across but don’t have time to read at that moment. Limits reactivity and distractions.
– Never reading one of those “Ten Ways You Know You’re an Introverted Extrovert/90s Kid/From North Carolina/Disney Princess… Jesus, since when did lists become journalism? But I guess considering Buzzfeed journalism is sort of a problem in itself. I digress.


2. Diving, triathlons and yoga workshops. Fitness stuff, blablabla. I want to get a yoga teacher certification but I’m thinking that might be a goal better saved for later years, when I’m in a place that has more access to the type of training I’m after. So for now I’ll stick with regular practice and a few workshops. (Speaking of workshops, any Brisbane yogis want to join me for this one?


3. Being kinder to myself. Less internal backtalk. Less doubt. Less self-imposed demands for Spartan efficiency. More acceptance of mistakes when they happen.


4. Being present. Not being so extroverted that I need to respond immediately. Being comfortable in silences. Being comfortable with not knowing. Being comfortable with now.

I’d also like to make this little nook more of a priority, and to thank those of you who mentioned it when I was home. It means a lot to know that two or three of you read these words, and I really value that. Here’s hoping that I write more of these words this year and that they make some sort of sense, or at the very least, sound nice.

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