There is Beauty in the World



I’ve started to notice, with a disquieting frequency, the nuances of the beauty in the people I find myself surrounded by. It happens to me everywhere: on the bus, the way a couple communicate after not seeing each other during the day. The way a conductor stands when he addresses an ensemble. The way an assured manager speaks with her employees. 

It’s actually distracting- I notice these things and am so taken by their utter potency that I wonder “do they know? Does he or she know how absolutely striking they are in these moments?”

I think I always noticed these things before, but now I’m almost distracted by it. Physical features- the curve of an upper lip, the arc of a brow, the light illuminating someone’s eyes right before they begin to laugh, the quietly confident look of a woman comfortable in her own skin. 

People wear beauty so well. If only we knew- all of us- how powerful our own self is. 

Once you start to notice beauty around you, a few things happen.

1. It becomes impossible to stop noticing, and the beauty, the good things, just accumulate

2. You wonder if people can see the same things in themselves that have become so obvious to you

You wonder how these things, so blatantly apparent to you now, were obscured before. Moreover, you wonder what the hell was I focusing on before?

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