Nuts about coconuts

Never had fresh coconut (and the water within) straight from the source?

Not anymore!

Step 1: Locate a proper specimen. (Or in my case, have your boss, incredulous at the fact you’ve ”never had real coconut?!” drive you to the fruit market and promptly purchase four.)


Step 2: Take geeky pictures with said specimen and get insanely excited about what’s about to happen. 


Step 3: Summon every ounce of cavewoman strength within your being and smash that sucker- I mean smash it, dammit!- onto the nearest sharp rock. A concrete ledge works too. 

Photos not available due to graphic, cavewoman nature. 

Step 4: Pry… it…. open!



These shells are no joke. 



So close to eating your first-ever fresh coconut!


Step 5: Guzzle the amazing coconut water you’re now spilling all over yourself (which retails for $3 for 8oz.) 


Step 6: Enjoy!

My coconut meat made its way into smoothies, oatmeal, salads, cupcakes… pictures to come. 

Who knew that people actually ate REAL coconut straight out of the shell? It’s definitely not as sweet as the bagged, desiccated, fake ish that I’d only ever eaten: only fresher, crunchier, nuttier tasting and absolutely delicious. 


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