Coconut, pt. II

 So after cracking the hell out of it, I now had this gigantic coconut and all the meat to eat before it spoiled. Here’s what I did with it:

1. Coconut water! It’s not an overstatement to say I’m obsessed with this stuff, and it’s so much better out of the actual fruit than a cardboard box. How cute is this drink?


2. Made coconut butter. If you can endure about 20 minutes straight of running a food processor, you too can make your own vegan coconut butter! (It’s just blended raw coconut meat and a bit of water.) Use with fruit, seafood dishes, on pancakes and in baked goods. Nectar of the gods? Maybe. 



3. Make the best vanilla cupcake, except now it’s a coconut-vanilla cupcake. I’ve become somewhat of a baking fiend, and these are the best cupcakes I’ve made yet. They’re fluffy, amazing and actually the healthiest dessert I’ve found. I ran them through my toughest critics, my hardened, sweets-crazed husband and flatmate, and they passed with flying colours. WIN. #obsessed



4. Last one, I promise. Blend that sucker up with some zucchini, sweeten it, and call it a pie. A raw coconut cream pie, to be exact. (This chick, Chocolate-Covered Katie, is a massive dessert blogger and really onto something with her stuff. Her dessert recipes are bad news for the amount of time I’m now spending in the kitchen. In a good way, of course.)


Clearly, cracking coconuts is a very delicate process in our house. Note the hammer. 




I made a cornflake pie crust. Haha. It’s like ghetto-chic. 



viva la coconut!

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