East Hall

Headed to New Zealand in a day or so to catch up with the indomitable Clary. Homegirl left her job in the US to travel, started it with me in Australia, took off for Asia and now we’re meeting up again, this time in New Zealand.

This woman has meant so much to me for quite a few years now (nearly ten, which is a bit scary to think about). From a chance meeting at freshman orientation at good old App State we ended up living across each other during our first year of college and then decided to up the ante and move into an off-campus apartment together. After a glorious semester of 2am chats and making dinner together as GROWN UP roommates, I took off for New Zealand and didn’t get back until after Clary had left. Regardless, our paths have remained quite close and it is so special to have had her in this part of the world and been able to introduce her to my new circle.

Favourite memories with this dear friend include:

+  2006: Transitioning from “oh my god, you got DRUNK? -type freshman college naiveté to full-blown 4am Friday and Saturday nights nearly every weekend.


+   80s parties, blacklight parties, Disney character parties,”dance your pants off” parties… there was always a lot of dancing. And a lot of parties.

+    2007: Fall football Saturdays spent tailgating and cheering on the Mountaineers.


+    2008: Living in our tiny apartment off Howard Street for $294 per MONTH. This included power. However, my room didn’t have a window and the place hadn’t been up to code in some time. Made for a great space and even better stories.


+    2010, ’11: Sporadic visits and chats as we made the transition from college to internships to “real” jobs. Clary moved to Vermont, I moved back to Charlotte, and we attempted to navigate post-collegiate adulthood.


+     2013: Meeting up during a return to the US trip and enjoying the VA music festival that is Floydfest.


+     2014, ’15: Experiencing the joy of Clary’s new acroyoga passion and amazing teacher talent!


+   2015: Having the immense privilege of her visit, and getting to introduce her to my nearest and dearest circle of friends, who now have a unique glimpse into this other, pre–Australia part of my life.



From jumping off waterfalls in Western North Carolina to hiking through the fiord lands of New Zealand, this chick is a friend for life. Some people are work friends/school friends/music friends, suited to the time or situation, but this one has seen me through a lot and continues to do. Viva la adventure, Clary. Here’s to New Zealand and making new memories.

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