United Steaks of ‘merica


Eat. Oh, how I have missed the cheap enormous amounts of food we are so privileged (or not) to eat in the US. When Peter and I would visit one of our favorite Plaza-Midwood haunts, Krazy Fish, it would cost around $30 for the both of us. That’s something like two drinks, an appetizer and two entrees. (As an aside, entrees are considered appetizers in Commonwealth countries. Don’t get the two mixed up thinking you’re just getting lucky with a cheap deal.What we consider entrees in the US are dubbed ‘mains’ here.)

Here, we’re looking at $50 easy for a casual dinner out. With far less food on your plate. Not that I’m complaining, as wages are higher as well. It’s just hard to get used to.

 BFFs at Krazy Fish right before I left for Aus last June. We are so happy with the delicious cheap food. 

Chick Fil-A, I’m coming for you. Look guys, I know they hate gays but I love that chicken sandwich and I also love gays. Thus, for a very short period of time I’m going to fill up on chicken sandwiches that I love and not love gays any less. 

This goes for Bojangles’ biscuits as well, although as far as I’m aware Bojangles has been wise enough to not make any publicly broadcasted homophobic statements. Go Bojangles. 

THIS AMOUNT OF MEXICAN FOOD WOULD COST ME A WEEK’S RENT HERE, AND I CAN GUARANTEE YOU IT WILL NOT TASTE LIKE MEXICAN.Don’t even get me started. Also, the meals often taste suspiciously like curry powder has been substituted for for coriander, which given our proximity to Asia vs. Mexico sort of makes sense, but doesn’t help taste-wise. I can’t wait to order in broken Spanish in a restaurant with all F-150s parked in the front. 

Starbucks exists pretty much everywhere, but the coffee here is really, really good. Way too good for someone like me who can ride the effects of a small latte for a good six hours. With my recent clean eating attempts, things like alcohol and caffeine affect me considerably more.

I’m looking forward to being able to down a jug of the watery mess we Americans call coffee and not feel like a buzzing freak rest of the day. 

Other epicurean pursuits will no doubt include drinking affordable local brews and enjoying the delicious cooking of my mom, uncle, and friend Steve. 

Now that this post has made me sound like a fried-food obsessed fattie, I’m off to pay my respects to local cuisine with a latte (flat white), that will costs about $6. 

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