The Fourth

Things I missed on the Fourth of July:

  • Fireworks
  • Grilling
  • Good beer that doesn’t cost $9 a bottle
  • Getting jolly and patriotic while wearing jorts

It’s okay though, as my July 4th was spent alternately napping, musicking and providing music from the pit for the ballet Giselle. I’ve been thrilled to lately be performing with the local Camerata of St. John’s, an innovative chamber orchestra full of fantastic musicians who wear cool tunics when they perform. We spent the fourth playing our ninth performance of Giselle and craning our necks to occasionally catch a glimpse of the ballerinas.  


HOWEVER, soon I will be experiencing all of the above when I head home! North Carolina is calling me back for what’s going to be a jam-packed three-week visit full of catching up and eating cheap Mexican food. Just over two weeks,ya’ll! I am so very excited for sister time, Floyd Fest, scuba diving in/over/through blue holes and getting a refresher course on what a bloody fantastic group of people I have back home. 

Sisters in 2011

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