Kitchen: check.

Living room: check.

Here’s the bedroom.


 Bedframe with leather headboard and mattress: $210


Black hardwood dresser: $100

These are two of my golden finds. Both are great quality and the dresser required a bit of bargaining, of which I emerged the victor. Believe it or not, I’m not a very aggressive haggler.


Round mirror: $20

The bedframe came at such a low price due to a tiny rip in the leather, which is easily covered by pillows. The mattress was thoroughly cleaned and aired out for a few days (I can hear you germophobes muttering), and proves really comfortable.

 I am thrilled.

 This brings the grand total of this sunny apartment to $1,225. Through some very informal “research,” I believe I’ve saved at least $2,500. Hello, flights to Thailand!

I came in under my target goal of $1,500 and probably could’ve saved more, but I started getting impatient and bought a few items without really waiting to see what else would come up. 

It’s not finished, by any means, and I’ll continue to share new secondhand or homemade finds. The necessities are complete, and now we have a beautiful skeleton in which to live.

Here’s a song from my very very favorite new artist that pretty much sums up my attitude towards shopping. This guy has so much to say about consumerism and materialistic attitudes, and I feel it even more keenly at this marketable time of year.

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