Living Room

 SO. The living room. We have barstools, and as yet no TV, thankfully. We needed a couch. 

Enter this massive red number:


I scored this one off Gumtree (obviously), and had it delivered, for free! WIN. 

It’s big, plumpy, red, comfortable… everything you can ask for in a couch. The thing is, I’m still not 100% convinced. I had in mind something more like this:


A bit more modern, edgy… oy vey. First world problems, I know. And what Gumtree provides, Gumtree provides. There’s limited picking and choosing and the boys were clamouring for a place to sit. 

To compensate, I found a rug that makes up for all of the non-edginess of the couch. I’m probably being judged by the gods of fashion and interior design for this one. 



I’m okay with the judgements, it’s a great piece. 

Lastly, I claimed a corner for my home office and musicking activities, which looks something like this:


Desk, check. 


Chair, check. 

And that’s my space! 


Living room round-up:

Couch      $260

Rug          $85

Desk        $80

Chair       $5 (that has to be the best deal yet)

TOTAL: $430

It’s the most expensive room in the house, thus far, but hot damn- so much more affordable than new versions of the same pieces. This project is proving quite gratifying, although there are certainly hidden challenges: sellers bailing at the last minute, finding mutual times to inspect/pick up items, driving and traffic difficulties and the time entailed, etc.

Regardless, I’m really happy with how things are looking. Now that we’ve got the essentials, I’m thinking creature comforts: cushions, lamps, artwork. The walls, the walls! They need some art thrown on them. All in due time. 

“Nature is the inspiration for all ornamentation.” 

Frank Lloyd Wright

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