Life on Duke Street

I made pumpkin bread. 

My official introduction to the legendary Fairy Bread. 

I’ve been spending a lot of time in uttana shishosana pose lately. Arms forward, hips back, breathing space into the back and shoulders. Just practicing stillness, being calm and at ease with the present. It’s exciting to think about what can develop out of such stillness, and to feel the calm that results out of being present. 

Being still and present is a constant lesson for me, not always easy. Being okay with the present, just being here, now. I’ve gotten more used to things being in motion around me- moving so much will do that- but instead of feeling more chaos, I feel a fuller sense of awareness. 

There’s a western resistance to stillness, an interpretation of the word as laziness or apathy. I used to think that way. Stillness, true stillness, is a resting of the soul. It’s not sleeping or ignorance, but a revitalization of inner awareness. Stillness opens us up to life’s possibilities. 

“Go in and in. Be the space between two cells, the vast, resounding silence in which spirit dwells… Go in and in, and turn away from nothing that you find.” 
-Danna Faulds

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