And, at the risk of appearing ignorant and insensitive, I don’t mean funny so much as contrasting, striking and worthy of cultural notice. But that’s too much text for a title, isn’t it? Well, I thought so. 

  • Men in short shorts:

You see this mysterious occurrence all across the spectrum, and they’re apparently never too short. If it goes in sports, you know it’s okay for everyone else. 

  • Awareness for every medical cause you never thought about

                               Tone that pelvic floor

Practice good toilet habits…? What?


Hear, hear.

  • Clotheslines. We, along with the better part of Australia, don’t own a dryer. When last week brought the heaviest bought of winter rain since 1997 (yeah, thanks for that, Brisbane) my biggest concern was not having dry clothes.


I know it seems outlandish and quaint, but clothes dry really well and don’t wrinkle as much as you’d think. And it’s a huge energy savings for this green-minded country. Ours looks like this one:


Look at that young, happy energy-efficient couple being environmentally responsible and fulfilled. And, for only $299.00, this rotary clothesline can be yours, direct from! (Real site, real product.)

Happy Independence Day, America! Tonight, to celebrate, I’m making a patriotic-themed dinner for the flat, complete with lots of barbecue sauce, corn and baked beans. We’ll spend the evening watching the much-anticipated State of Origin rugby league match between New South Wales and Queensland. (Go Queensland!) 

Enjoy the fireworks and poolside cookouts! This 4th, I’m happy with warm winter sunshine and many, many men in short shorts. 

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