The Simple Life


We’re gradually settling in, getting acquainted with the flat mates (Australianspeak for roommates), and a spunky yellow lab named Shiloh.  


Simultaneously becoming acquainted with a new city and a new camera is fun!

A real sense of simplicity is pervasive. I have no obligations, and while Peter’s at work I explore this corner of the world on my new bike or via long walks with Shiloh, do hot yoga, practice and cook.

We walk or bike almost everywhere, such a refreshing change from my car-bound existence and long commutes. 


This weekend we checked out Byron Bay, only a short two-hour trip from Brisbane. The town is teeming with backpackers, hippies, surfers, organic food and yoga-inspired vendors of wellbeing and lifestyle. I loved it. 




This bay is rumored to have created more surfers than any other beach in Australia. Even though it’s winter and the water was quite chilly, it didn’t deter the fearless surf lovers. It’s on my Australian bucket list- once things warm up. 


I’m still getting used to the idea that I live here. 


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