Australia Day Throughout the Years


My Australia Day memories with the gang.

2014, Black Rocks New South Wales, Bundjalung National Park

The first ‘Straya day trip away, or my first experience of it with this crew. Slacklines, kayaking in the tea tree creek, (trying) to learn how to do a flip off the dock, campsite rumikub.

Micky and Ben spent a noticeable amount of time sneaking off to their tent.







2015, Murphy’s Creek Escape, Queensland

CLARY was here on a visit,  and instantly became then seven-year-old Sophia’s new best friend. Acro yoga, extravagant breakfasts, a lot of flies. 2015 saw a big crew.


thumb_img_0611_1024img_34102016, Flanagan Reserve

6 nationalities, a downpour while setting up camp that saw my tent wrapped around a tree, floating through swimming holes, and a lot of Brazilian BBQ.





Tomorrow there will be eight of us ferrying over to Stradbroke Island to actually stay in a house over the long weekend. No tents, no bugs to worry about, but still the same great little family vibe that’s always there. This will also be my first Australia Day as a near-citizen (i.e. just need to swear and sign on the dotted line), which is certainly something to celebrate.


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