Everyday Joy

IMG_2103.JPGA short, at-random list of the things that bring me joy lately:

  • Culling the amount of stuff I own.
  • Rising early and bringing the day in by moving my body.
  • The amount of energy I feel returning after a very  festive holiday season and pretty stressful 2015.
  • Beaches only an hour away, with gentle waves to learn on.
  • Live music. Always, live music.
  • Biking to work with coworkers who inspire me and hold me accountable.
  • Learning that I not only need, but actually enjoy my own company. When did this happen? Not sure, but it feels great to enjoy being in your own head sometimes. 



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  1. Oh, I can relate to most of these. Culling is therapeutic, beaches are the best places to escape to and live music is the best. And being your own best friend is pretty damn good too! Nice post.

  2. Eva- will you be my life coach?! :)))

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