‘Tis the Season

I spent all of Sunday afternoon in the water, trying to catch waves and slowly finding my feet on a learner’s surfboard. I’m getting there, and can generally manage to find my footing on a slippery board, even if the water is only waist deep. Learning to surf has been on my Australian bucket list for a while now, it’s exciting to be making a little progress on this front.

Saturday was spent in a Christmas picnic with a ragtag group of British personalities in costumes, because ‘Tis the Season.

Even though I’m working right up until Christmas and still in the office, it still feels like summer holidays. Balmy breezes and warm weather do a lot to offset any end-of-year office rat blues.

Immediately following Christmas and Boxing Day, I’m headed to a Folk Music Festival to round off 2015 with some of the best people I know. I couldn’t think of a more perfect way to bid this year goodbye.

I’m getting the hang of Christmas in a Queensland summer.

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