On Shedding Stress

I’ve been back from Vietnam for over a week, and feel like I’m still shedding layers of stress I didn’t even know I had. I’m moving a little less frenetically, my thinking feels more fluid, and I wake up each morning feeling rested.

Oh, how we (I) sometimes deny ourselves (myself) the simplest and most basic ingredients to balance- in this case, good food, rest, and cessation of the constant noise. I’m so relaxed that I’ve misplaced both my phone and wallet this week (each made its way back to me, luckily), and yet it wasn’t the end of the world in both cases.

I’m happy to have this halo of a holiday hangover follow me around as long as it will.

Vietnam was far more than I could’ve expected. Silk scarves, rooftop bars, rooftop pools, overnight cruising in the majestic Ha Long Bay, scooters everywhere, the magical tranquility of Hoi An, tailored clothes/bags/shoes, paper lanterns, beautiful food, incredible service, a steady diet of delicious Vietnamese coffee and cheap cigarettes, $5 cocktails and a beautiful culture that is still remarkable intact.

The country outdid itself on every front for us. People, food, scenery, accommodation… everything was perfect. There was some sort of good travel karma that accompanied us, and things just seemed to sort themselves out. (Being transferred to nicer hotels for less, flights delayed by nearly a day in a city that we were loathe to leave, not being ripped off…). I felt safe walking the streets alone at night in Hoi An, comfortable conversing in English, and by day 5 finally realised that not everyone making conversation was actually trying to rip me off (a rarity in Asia).

I will be back. For now, though, I’m enjoying easing into another Queensland summer with plans for my next Asia holiday brewing in the back of my mind.


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  1. I’m glad that you had a nice trip! For me Vietnam never gets boring so it will be exciting all the time as you come again and again 🙂

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