This Weekend

This weekend was pretty dizzying in the amount of unique experiences that were packed into 48 hours.

  • Live performances from talented musicians and dear friends.
  • Wine that turned to gin & tonics that turned to shots that turned into a 3am kind of night.
  • A Saturday bike ride along the river and to the markets, on a cloudless day so clear and beautiful that I couldn’t stop beaming. (This, of course, resulted in a few bug casualties in the old incisors, but it comes with the territory I suppose.)
  • Meatballs cooked to a ’90s R&B playlist.
  • Making the acquaintance of Melbourne the lamb, Arizona the pony, and Sydney the pug at a charming mountain b&b.
  • Star gazing to the tunes of CCR on the side of a mountain, where the cold night sky reveals more stars than a cityscape ever will.
  • The feeling of waking up surrounded by the mountains and eating breakfast with nothing planned but the promise of a gorgeous day and time spent outdoors.
  • A long, uninhibited run down a country road where I saw more cows than cars.


I love feeling like a tourist in my own city. I am enormously, impossibly privileged to know the people I do and have the experiences I have.

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