Byron Bay Tri

photo 4-2
Pre-race with Em, who came prepared with encouragement and Eye of the Tiger lyrics

The triathlon went really, really well. A few highlights:

+ Gorgeous weather (beyond perfect, actually)

+ Equally gorgeous people everywhere. Like, everywhere. Byron is already known for having more than its fair share of stunners in both the male and female categories (think carefree, tousled backpackers, tan surfers, model-gorgeous vegetarians, rah rah rah….), but last weekend it was just insane. Some serious #fitspiration.

+ Ocean swim: maybe should’ve thought a bit more carefully about bringing better goggles to prevent having to actually remove them from my face every 60 seconds in order to figure out where the hell I was going.

+ Bike ride: Stunning scenery was combatted by bumpy roads, uncooperative Gatorade sliding out of my water bottle holder, and toe cramps.

+ The Run: well, lactic acid buildup is a very real thing, folks. Jiggly legs coming off the bike with searing pain down the front of my shins. Also, couldn’t feel my feet towards the end… possible shoelace issue?

+ And of COURSE, I did it again. Underestimated the running leg, and halfway through thought I was finished. Happens every time. The crushing realisation never gets easier.

+ Powering through the devastation of not being finished and actually finishing. Without having to walk! Success.

+ After finishing, the feeling of absolute victory quickly turned to a sort of happy delirious combination of shock, fatigue and elation. Like laughing gas, but with every muscle in my legs screaming at me.

Girly brunch
Girly brunch

After the tri, the weekend turned into an amazing girly getaway with dear friends. Beer, lots of beer. Also some beach yoga, an awesome hostel, and hipster cafes.

Discovering and then pushing physical limits is one of the most empowering things I’ve ever done. The olympic-distance tri was a big one on my life list, and it’s a great feeling to be able to cross it off. Who knows what’s next- maybe a half marathon? Another olympic tri? Maybe a half Ironman.

I’ll know the answer once I iron these last few knots out of my calves.

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