Down to the River


In these Autumn mornings, I rise early and go down to the river.

The river is inspiring in how it looks as the early sun first touches its waters, quietly moving under the oars of the dawn rowers.

 I go to the river to run, to bike, to move, to meditate, to think, to pray.


This is my church, my temple, my sanctuary.

 The river is where I go to face my demons, my fears, my sadness, and attempt to quietly sit with all of them. 

I give them some time to come into my head, but only for a little while. They are allowed to enter in when I’m at my strongest, when I’m running and communing with nature, strengthed by my own activity and through the sometimes forced actions and inertia.

Down by the river is where I feel safe enough to open up to the deep, my secrets, my fears, my grief. 

Down by the river is where I feel strong enough to conquer my doubts. I am strengthened by the rhythm of this sacred place.

Listen to the river

Of your heart play like a drum

Listen to the night call

Singing songs from all around

Go and sing to the mountain

Go and sing to the moon

 Go and sing to just about everything

‘Cause everything is you

– Elephant Revival, Sing to the Mountain


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  1. This is lovely! Makes me want to take more walks by the river! I also really like the look of your blog. 🙂

  2. This sounds very familiar 🙂 Makes me wish I had gotten to know you better years ago! Paul and I are thinking about moving to Australia so we’ve been talking about you ❤

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