Oh, What a Day

Feeling really, really grateful lately. Of course it goes that the more tentative things become, the more appreciative you become of the things that are worthy of energy and gratitude.

Oh what a day! Glorious!
Gather ‘round
There’s nothing better
Than a friend

Grateful for the life experiences I’m privileged to have.

Grateful for the incredible people in my life, who constantly amaze me with their depth of kindness and compassion. And the joy that they share with me on a daily basis.

Oh what a day! Glorious!
The smell of rain
Has hitched a ride
Upon the wind

Thankful for the universe, in its infinite energies and unknowns, to somehow prove reliable and constant, even in seasons of change.

I’ve got good friends
To the left of me
And good friends
To my right

Grateful for music, for the avenues it has opened and continues to open. Grateful for the experiences it’s brought into my life and the opening creative experience it continues to be.

Got the open sky above me
And the earth beneath my feet
Got a feeling in my heart
That’s singin’
All in life is sweet
Oh what a day!

Even when and though it’s not, everything falls into place as it should.

Oh, what a life! What a year, what a month. What a day.

What a Day- MaMuse.

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