Halfway Point

Word on the street has it that we are officially halfway through 2014. Good riddance, I say! 2014 has not been the smoothest of rides so far. Aside from getting sick and being physically weak for several months on end, there have been a fair few ups and downs that have just made everything murky. 

However, things are starting to clear up. The infamous Donna  (mom) has been here for a few weeks now, bringing with her enough sunshine and vitality to illuminate even the darkest of places. With her, we’ve been exploring new and old Australian nooks and in less than 48 hours will head to Thailand! Bring on the silk pants, $20 facials and street food! Cannot wait.  There’s also a new job waiting for me at the end of this month, holding unseen opportunities and new challenges.


Last December, when I did my first real triathlon, I made the rookie mistake of not checking out the course beforehand. The bike and run were both comprised of multiple loops. I was on the last leg of the run, pounding the pavement and thinking I was about to finish the event in amazing time, when I realised I still had another torturous run loop to finish. It was too much to comprehend. I was sunburnt and dehydrated. I couldn’t feel my feet. But I finished.

It’s a cheesy sports analogy, the lowest form of rhetoric, but in my case it was true.

I finished. In good time. It’s such a mind thing. Everything is.

It’s too simplistic to say that I needed to change my mindset to make these last few months easier. When you’re in a not-so sunny place and hitting your head against the same walls over and over again, changing your mindset doesn’t always feel possible. I tried to change my mindset but nothing was working. It was like utilising muscles I didn’t have; finding a strength that I just haven’t possessed lately.

I think that sometimes things are murky, dark even. They’re just going to be that way for a season. And you do what you have to do to get through them. You keep running, you keep moving forward, even at a snail’s pace.

Thankfully, seasons change. Circumstances shift and doors open.

So here’s to the latter half of 2014: may it be full of success, clarity and a renewed vigour.

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