Houston, we have lift-off!

Progress report, week one: I am giddy that my seeds have sprouted! Given my precarious gardening history, it’s an accomplishment when I can keep living plants alive, much less grow new ones from scratch. I’m actually shocked to see signs of tiny growth.



Yeah, I said tiny. 

I already have thoughts on things to do differently if I was to repeat this effort, but I’m loving the process.

I’m making an effort to set small, manageable goals. Baby steps. Musically, professionally, personally, there is so much I want to accomplish and I find myself becoming overwhelmed in the midst of 5-year plans and “Thirty before 30” lists. My 5-year plan is less of a plan and more of a hodgepodge of general ideas, anyway.

Success is rooted in habit, habits are rooted in identity. I’m trying to move away from my ritual of setting huge goals and only being half surprised when they fall flat. This tack is all about setting small goals, manageable routines that will then hopefully become habit. Changing my daily identity to become a doer of things that matter to me, setting the foundation for the long run.

I have big dreams, big plans. I’m just trying to break those down into bite-size pieces so I can actually make a start.

Growing roots, slowly. Small steps, big growth.


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