We’ve been  married for three years! Not quite a one-term presidency or a college degree, but well on the way. It’s hard to believe everything that’s happened since 2011.



A few highlights:

+     Graduating. I still can’t believe I was in college when we tied the knot.

+     Moving in with my mom. Yes, we were wedded and living with my gracious mother- a result of getting married in college. It only lasted two months, which is just about perfect when you’re sharing a bathroom with a sibling.



+    Our wedding. My god, this wedding.


+   Getting scuba certified


+   Taking the plunge and moving down unda’!


+   Tackling sharks, camping, floods and the unforgiving Australian sun through countless outdoor adventures.

+   We’ve just spontaneously booked what will undoubtedly be another incredible adventure: a trip to Bali! We leave on a last-minute celebratory trip in just a few days. I can’t wait to make my first venture into Asia and experience the culture, jungle wonderland and rich  scenery that make up this part of the world.


Three years is something to be proud of. I’m ready to celebrate.


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