Cold weather, pumpkin pie, twinkling lights through frosty dark nights, snow (in Boone), Christmas music EVERYWHERE- and I thought I was a grinch-the incessant Christmas gigs that still have certain songs, certain hymns that get me every time, even with their schmaltzed-up modulations and runs for the sake of runs. 



Missing family gatherings, Christmas parties, the anticipation of the holidays even if they’re longer by actual weeks here (2-3 weeks off here vs. 3 days). McAdenville, huge, overblown Christmas trees.


Missing those church gigs with the folksy kind of folk that are ever so appreciative and how long have you been playing that violin? Oh excuse me, viola. Well what a lovely instrument. 


Missing Christmas morning with mimosas, everything bagels and smoked salmon; although that tradition will certainly be recreated this year in Canberra. Missing wood fires and the way the tree looks as the pile of beautifully wrapped things keeps on growing even though Mom said this year that it’s really going to be simpler, just like she said last year and the year before.


Missing sweaters, missing sisters, missing friends and family and some superficial things but a lot of very real things, too. 

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