Speed of Sound

Hello there, old friend. It’s been a while. 


Life moves so quickly, The rate at which things happen is just dizzying. In the last month I have:

+ Driven to Sydney, seen Mrs. Carter, driven to Canberra, met our brand-new nephew, and driven back via Sydney. The Canberra-Sydney-Brisbane leg took place in a day. I would not recommend this, and will never do it again.

+ Maintained a regular gigging schedule, rejoiced in the growth of my utterly precious beginner violin and piano students, continued to assimilate into my new job (hurray!), begun training for a December triathlon and just tried to coordinate the whole grownup thing of working, living and playing. Sometimes having groceries in the fridge is much easier said than done.

+ Moved. We are now within walking distance of the city! Other things in walking distance: my work (well, more like very manageable biking distance), the stadium, a yoga studio and a bakery that sells New York style bagels! You have no idea it is how hard it is to find bagels outside of the US. The downside is that I am really over moving every year or so. 

+ I’m feeling a desire to nest. To own things that contain memories and not have to buy the cheapest of the cheap just because we’ll be getting rid of it in a year. My second-hand philosophy remains exactly the same, I’m just ready have my home feel more like one. 

+ Entered springtime in Brisbane. My mental clock is still so confused, and I’m not sure it’ll ever really adjust. To hear Christmas music at the same time you’re shopping for watermelon is just really counterintuitive. The upside is that the pumpkin spice everything craze hasn’t taken effect here, and hopefully never will.


+ I’m feeling the travel itch. Annapurna circuit, diving in Thailand/Bali/Malaysia, heading back to the roads and craggy coastline of the South Island of New Zealand… these are all things I think about.

+ We’re currently planning a Christmas and New Year’s road trip to alleviate said itch. On the radar: Great Ocean road (a worthy item on my Australian bucket list), a first-time visit to Melbourne, the arts capital of Aus, and New Year’s Eve in Sydney. 

WIth all of this, this poor little blog has been collecting dust. Here’s hoping the next few weeks are slower than the last.

… yeah, right.

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