Closet DIY

I’ve been getting more and more into DIY projects, and I’ve always been into organising. I saw a list of DIY Wooden Hanger projects a while back and became thoroughly inspired. Use of cheap, repurposed beautiful objects to as artistic/organisational/functional? Yes. 

Cue the closet DIY.

The Principle:

I really like making stuff. It’s therapeutic and I find great satisfaction out of using simple objects to make my home more efficient. Also, that wrinkled pile of silk scarves and pashminas weren’t doing me a whole lot of good stuffed in a drawer. I need to see my clothes, otherwise I end up forgetting what I have and buying more. (This is sometimes okay, but mostly not.)

The Process:

I scoured thrift stores for wooden hangers, happening upon one in West End that sold me several for 60 cents each. Add that to the multitude of cable ties that are always rattling around the washing machine, courtesy of my electrician husband, and some screw-in hooks and I was good to go. 

The Product:

Scarves are visible, unwrinkled and where I need them. WINNING. This took 5 minutes to make. More winning. 

Yay for DIY, I see lots of this in the future. 

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