Perfect Sunday

This weekend was lovely.

The Autumn weather is truly amazing; so far I haven’t meet a Brisbane season I didn’t like. Sunday came sunny and clear. After a week spent working away it felt good to lounge, to eat a leisurely breakfast and sleep in. OhIlovesleepsomuch. 

Sunday adventures presented themselves in the form of a bike ride to a newly discovered bike and pedestrian-only bridge. Over the river! It officially takes less time to bike to the University of Queensland campus than it does to drive. This bides well for Thursday night scuba meetings.

Discovering a place by bike brings with it such a sense of adventure, of not knowing what lies around the next corner. We cheered on a high-school boys soccer game, biked along the river and took in the gorgeous day. 

Further down the river we came across an intense interstate rugby match with lots of muscular men wearing short shorts (Australian bonus right here, folks). Lunch: hot dogs with all the fixings and a bucket of chips (fries). As soon as I so much as see a rugby club I start to crave cheap beer and fried food.

We biked home in a grease-induced food coma to lounge and nap.


What a gorgeous day. 


She pulls the shade,

It’s just another sunny Sunday

She dodges the light like Blanche DuBois

Bright colors fade away on such a sunny Sunday. 

 -Joni Mitchell

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