Click the photo for a slide show of Tara&Eva adventures throughout the years

The one, the only, the infamous Tara is here! In Brisbane! Hanging out with me! So many exclamation points! So much excitement!

Tara and I have known each other since the tender age of eight. (We’re not actually quite sure of this, but we were at least six and not yet nine.) Regardless, we go back, way back to Vacation Bible School, homeschool field trips, braces and jean jumpers. 

We’ve seen each other through middle school and Christian rock, boyfriends, graduations and into the surreal adult world full of weddings and births. 

Tara and I have shared a love for Relient K (thankfully this one has passed), live music, travelling, spontaneous trips and good beer.

She’s the friend who is always up for doing anything- the one who I may not talk to for a while but could always pick up where we left off, the one who makes a genuine effort to stay in touch, and the one who will always visit me no matter where in the world I live.

We’ve taken roadtrips to Boone, the beach, the mountains, and as of this week we’ll explore another continent together.

When I was in college, Tara made it up for my twentieth birthday. When I studied in New Zealand, Tara was there. Now that I’m in Australia, Tara has made the jaunt across to the other side of the world once again. 

Friends like these don’t come along often. Here’s to the next chapter of adventures. 

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