Today I’m heading down to the transcendental Byron Bay for the annual Easter weekend Blues and Roots festival. I’m looking forward to a weekend full of blues, boots and brews.(Also looking forward to time with Irish friends and some muddy camping, even though there’s no alliteration there.)


Irish partners in crime 

Five years ago, over Easter weekend 2008, I was headed to New York City with the Appalachian State University Gospel Choir to sing in the churches of Harlem. I remember roaming the streets of NY, having an underage beer in a bar, eating green beans and homemade macaroni and cheese provided by the churches for Easter lunch, and loving the  breadth of experiences that life was providing.

  On the bus with our choir robes. 

The contrast is striking, along with the changes that have occurred in my life in the last five years. It feels like such a short period of time has passed, yet so much has elapsed. 

[Studied in New Zealand, fell in love, dropped out of school and moved to NZ, moved back to the US, finished school, got married, got a job, moved to Australia, got another job…] 

I’ve never felt more unsure of what my immediate future holds, and I can’t even begin to guess where I’ll be five years from now. (This is also why I find it so hard to make the very adult five-year plan.)

Time. Perspective. So many changes, people, places. So much love. For now, I’m happy where I am and so very grateful to have such selfless people in my life.

Happy Easter.

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