Top Ten Perks of Being Married

  • Never having to go to a movie, concert or dinner on your lonesome. This carries the converse effect of being dragged along to yet another Irish bar (me), or attending yet another symphony concert (him), but it comes with the territory.
  • Not getting perved on by creepy drunk guys in a pub because you’re with someone who carries himself in such a way that even the really drunk ones know better. 
  • Dreaming and being excited about the future. Also, perspective. 
  • Backrubs. 
  • Having another viewpoint around to provide feedback and when needed, help you pull your head out of your ass.
  • Having the stability to go from laughing to crying to laughing, anger to relief to excitement in about ten minutes.
  • Having your own language that sounds really messed up to anyone else who happens to hear you on the phone. And I don’t mean babytalk, but actual words that have been jumbled together and spawned a totally illegitimate dialect.
  • The realization that no, you don’t have to do everything together, and that’s okay, but if you need someone you’ve got a damn good first choice.
  • Spontaneous laughter about nothing in particular, but you both just understand, and it’s funny





Happy 2 years, babe!

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