The ever-fabulous DONNA arrives in a matter of hours! (This is my mother we’re talking about here.) 

I couldn’t be more excited. 

She’ll be here for a glorious ten days, during which time we will:

  • Explore Brisbane on bikes, by foot and kayak.
  • Wine and dine, hopefully here. And here.
  • Travel to Cairns for some spectacular scuba. 
  • Plan future exciting family adventures. #summer2013
  • Introduce her to our plethora of Irish friends (we only seem to know Irish, not really sure why this is the case. It’s working so far, though). She won’t be able to understand them, as I can barely still understand them, but we’ll make it work somehow and they’ll love her.
  • Catch up on life and mother/daughter/soninlaw things that have transpired in the EIGHT MONTHS since I’ve seen her.


Mom and Uncle Gary at our wedding, 2011

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