Bitch in the Kitchen

Things I’ve cooked lately. 

It’s hot, very hot. When I cook there’s an emphasis on maintaining the freshness of the amazing fruits and vegetables found here, and let’s just cool things down a bit, shall we?




Cucumber avocado soup. Every ingredient in this cold soup is green. It’s amazing and gorgeous. 



Gazpacho. THIS IS SO EASY TO MAKE. I’ve become addicted. Tons of variations, too: add cilantro/ garlic/ chilies/ cucumber/ avacado/ chicken/ fish. 


Hummus with jalapeño peppers. Just look at all that garlic. Her mama raised her right. 


I decided to make another batch with red bell peppers, which here are called capsicum. I’ve gotten used to it, and it makes a clear distinction between the spicy and not peppers. (In New Zealand zucchinis are courgettes. Aren’t those kiwis fancy.)

“And of course, the funniest food of all: kumquats.”

– George Carlin

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