The Kitchen

The Kitchen. It’s the soul of most homes. Here’s what mine looks like:


Lots of light, lots of white. 

Plants, too.


My growing basil and mint are happy little neighbours with Peter’s giant bamboo plants.

There’s (regretfully) not enough room for a dining table, so I settled for bar stools. Seating is important. I’m not into dinner eaten on the couch and appreciate some semblance of conversation during meals. We don’t have a TV and hopefully aren’t headed that direction, either. So bar stools it is!

The necessary questions ensued: how many? What colour? Back or no backs? Wooden or other? 

Here’s what Gumtree bestowed:


More white! $20 a pop for these two. The other two more were $60 each, and are in perfect condition. 


Clean, comfortable and they don’t look like they were rescued from a pub. I’m happy. 

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