Tomorrow my beloved and I will take off to New Zealand for a family and friend catchup, and to revisit the city that only a few years ago changed my life forever!


“You can’t beat a good day in Wellington,” the locals always told me. I heard this so often, it seemed almost a  citywide anthem during my time there. Windy Welly is known first for its constant arctic winds, second for its temperamental climate, and thirdly (or at least in my mind) for its incredible, European coffee culture.


 Though sunny days were hard to come by, they were absolutely spectacular. Clear, sunny- though never hot by North Carolina standards-no humidity, and the sky was such a rich shade of blue it redefined the color.


The café culture is superb, and those of Wellington are a force de caffeine. That was one of the things I loved most about the city, that people would quite easily spend a few hours at a café over “a coffee.” 



[Note: in the States, I’ve always referred to the act as “getting coffee,” in an abstract plural sense, whereas abroad it’s very singular. “Would you like to go and have A coffee?” I suspect this has to do with their superior espresso quality, and the fact that it only takes one to properly suffice. Drip, or “American coffee” is nonexistent and scorned to a high level of disdain.]


Thankfully, Australian coffee culture is very similar. For better or worse, I think my caffeine intake has nearly tripled since arriving.

I can’t wait to revisit my old favorite haunts: the cafes, Cuba St. mall, the restaurant I used to work in with so many other travellers, the waterfront, my old hot yoga studio, our first flat, Peter’s grandmother’s house…



Somehow, it feels like I’m going home. 

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