Chocolate Orange Cake

In cooking, and otherwise, I try to use little as efficiently as possible. Thrift stores, compost and leftovers all appeal to my economical nature.

Maybe it’s puritanical, maybe it’s progressive, but I take real joy out of using (and re-using) what I already have. Ironically, that’s how this orange-chocolate cake came about. 


It started off a pretty healthy endeavour: A pantry revealing some overripe fruits became homemade applesauce and orange juice for use in this yummy dessert. 


I love the gorgeous texture resulting from the chocolate chips and pieces of orange skin. Apple sauce kept the whole wheat flour from becoming too dense. 

Once I saw how well it’d turned out, I got really excited and decided to dress it up.

Bring on the cream cheese icing. 


It started out healthy. 


Cream cheese-orange heaven. 

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