If it’s the Beaches

In the south, summer family beach trips are something of a seasonal ritual. I have countless memories of travelling to either Florida for family snorkelling trips, or to good old South Cackalacky for days filled with boogie boards, coca-cola and sand.


      Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

When I moved to New Zealand I was amazed at the wild, rugged nature of the beaches. They were so untouched, so coarse and striking. 

              Punakaiki Rocks on the West Coast of New Zealand, 2009

               Punakaiki Rocks, West Coast of New Zealand, 2009

Craggy rocks and cliffs, dark sand, water that never felt quite warm enough to be swimming in… 


      Castlepoint Beach, New Zealand, 2009

It’s no different here, except okay, maybe just better. I am officially ruined by Australian beaches, and America’s will never feel the same. 

Last weekend we made an impromptu getaway to beautiful Noosa Heads. White sands, a jungle rainforest leading right up to the beach, wild turkeys scavenging snacks (not sure about those guys), and water of countless stunning, cerulean shades. 




After two days of sunbathing, I finally worked made my way into the water. (It’s still “winter,” mind you.)


I felt a silly little bit of excitement, as it was my first time in Australia waters. An initiation of sorts.


The water (and the beach) was:

– Cold

– Clear

– Perfect


If it’s the beaches, if it’s the beaches’ sands you want

Then you will have them

If it’s the mountains’ bending rivers

Then you will have them

If it’s the wish to run away

Then I will grant it

– The Avett Brothers, If It’s the Beaches

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