1. Ambition: “I can do everything! I’ll finish that scrapbook that’s been hanging around, donate and recycle whatever I don’t keep, finish my job and see every single one of my friends before I leave.” 

2. Execution: Proceed to visit friends as much as possible, make a beautiful first 4 pages of the scrapbook, stay up until 1:30AM regularly just trying to fit everything in, and then waste several days avoiding getting sick due to exhaustion and constant stimulation.

3. The act itself! Suitcases are dusted off, appropriate clothing assembled… this is going to be fabulous. I am the goddess of packing. I can fit EVERYTHING into these two bags. Every. Thing.

4. Reality: When the suitcase will barely even fold shut, much less zip, you know you’ve got a problem. Keep in mind the 50 lb. limit, which I certainly didn’t.

5. Anger: “What am I going to do without a hair dryer in Australia?!?!?!?!?! It’s WINTER over there! And I have to bring 1 pair of heels instead of 4?” Tears of frustration.

6. Acceptance: “Peter’s hair is longer than mine, he’s probably already bought a hair dryer. I guess Australia may have better fashion than we do here…”

7. Total withdrawal: “At this point, I can’t even remember what I packed. Just get me over there already.”

So here we go. I have absolutely no idea what to expect, except the arms of the man I love so much and many, many adventures. 

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