It’s happening! For the next months, year, most likely few years, Australia will be home to me and my man. Our new home.  That sounds… strange.

                 Our Wedding

We’ll start in Brisbane and simmer there for a while, maybe checking out Sydney or Melbourne to see what’s up. Eeeeeee!

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Moving is hard. Moving internationally is hard. There are a million things to do and think of, and that’s once you have the courage, (or as some would say, lack of foresight) to make such a big decision. 

         Far, Far Away

This decision is the result of months of thought and consideration. More than anything, I kept coming back to this thought:

‘If I don’t do this NOW, if we don’t go NOW and 

LIVE, it will most likely NEVER happen. 

And what about when we’re older? 

When we survey our lives? 

Will I wish we had MOVED? 

Will I wish I had PUSHED myself to a place of CHANGE?

And the answer was always yes. No matter how hard or foolish this change would seem, the answer was always yes. 

                             D'Alambert's Paradox

“FLOW is not an empty phenomenon

or a psychological CONSTRUCT;

It has an incredible genius and INGENUITY

that harmonizes all things into a 

sophisticated ECOSYSTEM of goodness.” 

[Baron Baptiste]

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